Well, hello!

We're Brandon and Amanda Roth of ARBR Pictures.

(We pronounce it "AR-ber", by the way!)

A few weeks shy of Christmas 2006, we went on our first date. Amanda managed to get tzatziki sauce all over her face, hands, and shirt. She thought she blew it, but Brandon was un-phased. Three weeks later, on a snowy day in January, he asked her to be his girlfriend. 

Two and a half years later, on a rainy day in May, we got married. We were young (heck, we still are) and totally unaware of what exactly we were getting ourselves into. Thankfully, very little went according to plan on our wedding day (including the flower girl nearly throwing up on Amanda minutes before the ceremony). It's almost like we needed a reminder very early on that marriage would be messy. 

We believe that marriage is the most challenging, beautiful, and meaningful work we'll ever do. We believe that our wedding was just one day in our many days together. Some days, we even think that after nearly six years of marriage, we may finally be getting the hang of it.


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Brandon is filmmaker at heart. When he’s not daydreaming about short- and feature-length film ideas, he’s collecting Criterions or diving into a black and white foreign film. His favorite movies include Sunset Boulevard, It’s a Wonderful Life, Blade Runner, and The Royal Tenenbaums. He has a weakness for Ben & Jerry’s, loves collecting cigars, and is frequently told by strangers that he has an great beard. 

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Amanda has been flirting with photography for most of her life. As a child, she would sneak into her grandfather’s darkroom or spend hours sifting through her grandmother’s stacks of family photo albums. Even at a young age, she was drawn to the stories in those images and the magic of documenting memories. She’s inspired by community, is a sucker for sci-fi, and adores sharing meals with friends and strangers.

A bride once told us after her wedding, "When I look at our wedding day portraits, I don't remember it as a time when you made us pose for pictures. I remember spending a quiet hour with my husband in the midst of a busy day... like our normal date nights... and you documenting it."

When we're with you, we'll be tucking away bits of beauty and giving you images that will line your hallways and sit in albums for generations to come. We're not taking photos of you to submit to a wedding blog. We're not aiming for the next viral wedding video. We are there to document your story honestly. We will come alongside a moment, rather than impose ourselves into a moment for the sake of a "nice shot".

We believe it's these photos and videos, not the ones in epic locations with the trendiest poses, that are honest and meaningful. 

Photos by Casey Broadwater