Back to the Beginning

Engagement | Jon + Melissa 

Jon and Melissa are really the couple that started it all. They asked Amanda to shoot their engagement session (she’d never done that before) and Brandon came along for the ride. He was getting bored holding Amanda’s coat (no joke) and decided to fiddle around with his iPhone.

This is the video he captured that day. 

You heard me. The video he captured on his iPhone. 

Before we knew it, they asked us to shoot their wedding (say what?!) 

So we asked ourselves some big, scary questions and said yes. Yes not only to them, but yes to ourselves. We gave ourselves permission to dream big, to chase down these passions which had only been hobbies, and to say “What if…” and then go after it.

And here we are, one short year later, with a handful more weddings, family sessions, and portrait sessions under our belts. All because these dear friends saw some raw talent in us. 

So, Jon + Melissa, thank you for believing in us, for encouraging us, and for getting married. Because if you didn’t, I don’t know if ARBR would be a twinkle in our eyes quite yet.