Inspiration Mondays | What would you do if you couldn't fail?

Yay! Two weeks of inspiration Mondays in a row!

This week, instead of a link or a video to inspire you, we have a question for you. A question that, if you truly let it roll around inside you, if you think and think (but not too hard) about it, it may change you. Wake you up a bit. Inspire you.

So, here it is:

What would you attempt to do if you were guaranteed not to fail?

It is one of my favorite questions to ask people, because I get some of the most incredible answers. A co-worker of mine told me she'd take up high-elevation bouldering, one friend said he would perform in a stage musical, another said she'd be a motivational speaker about the power of forgiveness, another would write and illustrate children's books, and still another would work herself out of a job by curing autism (she's a special ed teacher). 

What about us? Brandon has a short and simple list - make a feature length film. Amanda, of course, has a slightly more complicated list. She'd love to teach herself bluegrass fiddle, scuba dive, cook a 5 course French meal, run a marathon, and have a job that combines photography, international travel, and social justice. 

So why don't we do these things? We're afraid. We're afraid of falling, failing, and making fools out of ourselves. We're afraid of the time commitment, of burning the food, and afraid that it just won't work out. 

But listen. How incredible would it be if we lived in a world full of people living their dreams? Living into their calling, living with full hearts and throwing everything they have at this dream. 

Pretty incredible, I think.

So, your turn. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? What's stopping you?