Inspiration Mondays | Travel

In a world of Pinterest, its not hard to find beautiful things. Photos, video, graphic design, typography. We love it all.  

We also love the inspiration that comes from outside the internet - books, sunsets, watching movies in empty theaters, the smell of the ocean, and the way babies feel when the snuggle right into you as they fall asleep.

But, so the far, the internet is not scratch and sniff. (Wouldn't that be amazing, though?) So, to make up for all of the salt-water smells we can't share with you, we'd like to start curating some of our favorite internet things to share with you. We hope it will be a regular installment around here. And while I'd like to think it will always happen on Mondays, we'll see how long that lasts. :) 

Today, we have two videos showcasing one of our favorite hobbies - travel.  

First up, Vancouver, BC. You may already know that Amanda lived in Vancouver for four years, and that we are both major Canuck fans. So, any video that highlights some of Vancouver's beauty is an automatic winner in our book. But also, the beautiful typography and sense of exploration had us at hello. 

Second up, a video that will never cease to spark our travel bug. It makes us want to pack up and fly away to a new land. We'd love nothing more than to wander in a new city, eat its delicious food, meet its people, and capture the sights with our cameras. 

Any ideas where we should travel next?