A few years ago, right around the time Etsy started becoming wildly popular, I (Amanda) decided that one day, I would own an Etsy shop. At the time, I was a graduate student, had no major hobbies to speak of (except reading research articles and writing papers) and had no earthly idea what I would put in this Etsy shop. But I loved the concept and was excited at the possibility of seeing something I crafted out there. Out in the world. 

Fast forward a few years (err, maybe a year ago). ARBR was in its earliest stages and I had a handful of photos I was wicked proud of. They were mainly from our travels to Europe, and while I loved them, they didn't quite speak to our ARBR mission. Here we are, portrait and wedding folks, and I had a bunch of travel and architecture photos. But I loved them. And I wanted them out there. 

One day, I stumbled across a website called Society6. I realized pretty quickly that this could very well be my Etsy-like shop. Society6 offers artists (photographers, mixed media artists, graphic designers, and the like) a central place to not only sell their work, but Society6 does all the manufacturing and shipping. All I had to do was upload my work, and they would print them and ship them as they were ordered. What was even cooler was they offered not only art prints, but framed prints, canvases, stationary cards, and iPhone cases. 

I was sold.

Although I would love to grow the shop even more, and fill it with all kinds of travel and abstract photos, I love where it is right this second. A small dream come true. 

Swing by and check it out, yea?