Introducing | All Day Wedding Packages

We have been chatting with a few brides recently who confessed they were downright overwhelmed with the entire wedding planning process. I kept nodding and thinking, "Oh boy. I know!" For so many couples, it is the first large event they have ever planned, and factoring in budgets, weather, the couples desires, and their families desires can easily leave you with your head spinning.  

So, as wedding vendors, we are always looking for ways to help de-stress the process. We love meeting with our brides + grooms in the weeks and months leading up to their weddings, collaborating on a day-of schedule that maximizes opportunities for photos as well as for quiet moments alone. We love meeting you two for coffee + dessert and getting to know you so that when we arrive on your wedding day, we know what makes you two tick. We also build a complementary engagement session into all of our wedding packages, so we all get to work closely together before the big day.  

And now after two seasons of weddings, we have decided to offer only all-day wedding packages. We believe this is one more way we can help de-stress your wedding day. Our all-day coverage means that when your day runs behind schedule, you won’t have to worry about us leaving promptly at our 7 hour cut-off and missing your Grandma on the dance floor. It means that you can solidify your budget early on and not have to worry about extra costs when we stay an hour late to take more portraits of you at Golden Hour. It means that we won’t be checking the clock, worrying we’ll accidentally stay more than our allotted time because the party is just getting started.

We recognize that "all day coverage" will mean different things for different weddings. Whether your start to finish time is 14 hours or 4, we want to be there to capture all of it. (And heck, if you have a 4 hour start-to-finish wedding day, how about we make it a 6 hour day and get 2 hours of all-out, breathtaking photos in!) 

Because regardless of how your day pans out, there is one thing we want for you: timeless, stunning coverage of your entire wedding day. Not half of it. 

All day coverage. Trust me. It will be amazing. 

We're now booking weddings for 2014. We work with a limited number of couples each year and we are thrilled that our calendars are quickly filling up! Say hello to chat with us about coverage for your day.