Personal | On the other side of the camera

As 2013 draws to a close, we are finding ourselves thinking back on what a whirlwind of a year it has been. (I swear it was August just a few weeks ago.) Brandon finished his degree this summer, we photographed six amazing weddings and countless families, we traveled through the Southwest, bought a new car, and exceeded most of our business-related goals.

And yet. In the midst of those awesome things were also plenty of arguments, meltdowns, and frustrations. Doing life with another human being can be messy work. I'd be lying if I said this year was easy. It wasn't.

But it was good.

So, once again, we wanted photos. We wanted to remember the year that was simultaneously frustrating and beautiful. Delightful and painful. Life giving and exhausting. 

For better or worse, we said.

We meant it.

A million thank you's to the crazy talented Casey Broadwater for these. He (and his wife, Juli) were such a blast. Meeting them was like meeting old friends.

Excited to get some of these up on our walls.