A Pike Place Anniversary Session | Jon + Melissa

I cannot believe it has been a year since Jon and Melissa got married.

These were the two that started it all. They saw something in us, something that quite frankly we weren't yet brave enough to see in ourselves. If it weren't for them, it is very possible we'd still be dreaming about starting ARBR one day. 

But when people enter your story, and thrust you into the next chapter of it, you can't say no.

You move forward.

Without knowing the how's or when's or what's.

You move forward.

You jump.

Thank you Jon and Melissa. For loving and guiding and encouraging us. For making this a reality.

Happy first anniversary.

Jon surprised Melissa with a trip to the Washington coast for their anniversary. This was his simple, but sweet, reveal. They left straight from our session and headed straight to the beach.