The Bower Project

Maybe you know the story.

It begins with a call from the doctor, or a lonely move across the country, or a gnawing sense of inadequacy and fear. It's often a story of uncertainty. When you’re so afraid of how the story might end, we may tell ourselves we ought to forget this story as soon as possible and move on.

However, we believe there is something about remembering, something about talking about it, that causes life, and good, and strength to spring forth. And although there are days that you don’t feel like dressing up for a picture, if you had a picture, you could hold it up one day and say, “That sucked. But dammit--look what I survived! Look how far I have come!”

We want to help you remember your story. 

Introducing The Bower Project 

So tell us - is someone in your life (or maybe even you?) living a difficult story right now? Tell us about them. We want to help them find the goodness - even now. 

Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis and can be sent to with “The Bower Project” in the subject line. We’ll read every submission. 

Oh yeah - Why “Bower”? Our friends over at Merriam Webster tell us that a bower is a shelter, or a place of rest, made by tree boughs, which can also be known as an arbor (or in our case, an ARBR). Our hope is that this Bower can give you a place to rest and recover.

(Special thanks to Andria Lindquist for the inspiration)