Introducing | Pixieset

Confession time.

Picture me – yoga pants, messy ponytail, a glass of wine in hand, and a silly smile on my face. I’m sitting in our office, putting the finishing touches on your photos. We spent a few hours together shooting some great pictures and I’ve since pored over each and every image. I posted a little sneak peek to Facebook, uploaded a blog post, and am so excited for you to see the final product.

But that means I have to burn your CD.

So I go dig through our blank CDs, stick it into the computer, and wait an ungodly amount of time for it to burn. I pour myself a bit more wine.

I come back to find the CD has declared itself corrupt, spit itself out, and I must start all over again. 

I may or may not be pouring myself more wine. 

When I finally get it to work, I package up your CD, trot off to the post office (or ask Brandon to pretty please take it while he’s running errands), and then wait a day or two for it to show up at your house. All the while crossing my fingers and hoping it didn't magically corrupt itself somewhere between my house and yours.

After 18 months of burning CDs for y’all, I got pretty tired of it. 

So we started researching options out there, from personalized USB drives to Dropbox to online galleries. We trialed a few options on some of our gracious clients and they came back with the valuable feedback that these options were either difficult to use, lacked some must-have features, or were just plain boring. So, we kept looking.  

But then. Oh, but then! I cautiously trialed a final option on a few clients and they unanimously agreed: it was wonderful.

So here I am, officially announcing the launch of our new Pixieset photo galleries.

Pixieset met our long list of demands: beautiful high-resolution galleries, password protection on viewing and downloads, and social media sharing.  

We love the stunning layout of each personalized album, including the large banner image and Pinterest-style grid.



Your gallery features all of your images from your session, which gives you the opportunity to view and download all of your high-resolution images. High-resolution means high-quality and ready for print, versus a pixelated mess that you might get if you tried to print a photo right off Facebook. This means that you no longer have to wait for the mailman to drop off your CD images or a USB drive. Because let's face it – they take forever for me to burn, it takes 1-2 days for the mailman to bring them to you, and then in a few years, they have crashed, become corrupt, or been lost in that last move across town. Instead, Pixieset allows me to deliver your final photos instantaneously, allow you to download all of them to your computer, and then back them up in the cloud. Which means even if your computer crashes, the photos live on. (But don't stop there! Let's talk about printing your favorites!)

We also love the option to password protect both your gallery and your downloads. Say these are all the images from your birth session, or you simply don’t want photos of you or your children online. That’s quite alright! Simply request a private gallery, and I can set a password for your entire gallery. That way, you can control who (if anyone) sees all of your images. Alternately, you can set a password for downloads only, limiting access to who can download these images to their computer. 


On the flip side, if you want to share these images with your friends and family, you can share them via Facebook (or Pinterest, Google+, or any other place online) from within your gallery!

So, starting today, we are proud to offer these Pixieset galleries to all of our future photography clients. We can't wait to share them with you!