Maternity Boudoir

Amanda, here.

As a photographer, I’ve had the enormous honor of documenting some really sacred moments. Two people vowing to serve, honor, and love each other until their lives end. A pregnant mother awaiting the birth of her firstborn. A newborn son taking his very first breath. Three-generations of family in the same photo for the last time.

I recognize that for some, photographing a pregnant woman in lingerie is an absolute no.  

However, I'm finding that when boudoir photos are done well, they can be incredibly empowering and beautiful.  

They are images of a mother and child's moments in the weeks leading up to their first hello. These images display a woman's beauty, even when at nine months pregnant she no longer feels beautiful. It's about helping this woman not shame her body, hide it, or wish it away. It's about embracing it, stretch marks and all, and being amazed by its complexity and capacity. 

When done well, they are very good. 

Interested in a boudoir shoot of your own? Let's chat.  


A note about privacy and boudoir.  

What happens to these photos is 100% up to my clients. They may never be seen by anyone except you and me. They may find their way into an album for you to keep. They may be up on the blog, but no one would know it was you. 

Whatever you choose is a'okay with me.