Personal | Dreamin' Big

Now that our wedding-filled summer has drawn to a close, we're coming up for air and thinking ahead to this fall and into 2014. We've been super excited by the 2014 weddings we already have in the books, and love all of the amazing inquiries that are starting to roll in. We are eager to see what next year has in store for us! 

These changing seasons are helping us reflect on some of our big dreams and goals for the next year. Want to hear them?


Our Personal Goals

- Celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary next May in a BIG way
- Explore the Southwest US next month
- Make a couple dream road trips in our new car (like this one 
- Brandon has been doing video production and content editing for an exciting start-up company. We are hoping the next year sees some big milestones realized! 
- Brandon would like to finally start writing his film script and create a few short films with friends
- Amanda is gearing up for a few more Extravagant Dinners this fall and winter

Our ARBR Goals

- Photograph an out-of-state wedding or three 
- Meet a few more babies as they come into the world 
- More boudoir! 
- Photograph a full out, multi-day ethnic wedding
- Attend a workshop like  this one


What about you? Any big goals you're working toward these days? Want to help us with any of our goals? We'd love to meet you!