Wedding | Narita + Avneet | Part Two

I'm so excited to show you more of Narita and Avneet's traditional Punjabi wedding!

You may remember their engagement ceremony from earlier this summer. Well, the parties just kept right on rolling! 

Two days before the wedding, Avneet had his traditional Sangeet. It started with dinner and the mothers, aunts, and female cousins singing songs. But it didn't take long to transition into a night of awesome dancing. My favorite moment was when the crowd lifted Avneet and his father onto their shoulders to celebrate the occasion.

Two days later, I arrived at Avneet's family home to document his getting ready and the traditional "morning of" ceremony, including the Sehrabandi and Varna. Keep an eye out for his Sarbala, the little cousin who was the groom's caretaker for the day. I loved when all the aunts teased him that wherever Avneet goes, a Sarbala should go with him, even if it's to the bathroom. ;)

Narita and Avneet, thank you for welcoming me into your wedding week! Your families and friends are truly delightful and I enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces event after event. This is a week I'll never forget!

Be sure to check out JC Images for a look at the rest of the wedding week!