Adrian + Kelly

Whenever I'm on Pinterest or a wedding blog, I find myself quickly comparing my photos and my life to whatever I see on my screen. That bride is stunning. I want to be that stunning. Wow! A mountaintop waterfall in Iceland with two gorgeous people standing right on the edge?!! I want to take that photo. 

And when I finally get around to closing my laptop, I feel like crap. My life feels far too mundane, my hair will never do what I want it to, and my photography never feels as jaw-dropping as that photographer. 

Maybe you know the feeling?

I'm discovering that I'm less and less interested in Pinterest and wedding blogs, and more and more interested in telling an honest story. 

Our pastor once said that “Real life is stacking ordinary days, one on top of the other, for decades and living out those days as fully as possible, embracing whatever each day brings. The memories add up to what can be a remarkable life.”  

Ordinary days.

I am a photographer because I believe that ordinary days must be celebrated and remembered. I'm finding myself longing to come alongside a moment, rather than impose myself into a moment for the sake of a photo. And I believe it's these photos, not the ones in epic locations with the trendiest poses, that are honest and meaningful.

All that to say, this session with Adrian + Kelly felt like a breath of fresh air. 

They invited me in for a session while they were in the throws of moving into their first apartment together. (Moving! The most chaotic time ever!) But instead of posing for me and my camera, they wandered through their new home dreaming about the parties they'd throw and the games that would be played. They wondered where they'd put their pots and if they could play street hockey in their hallway. They talked about their excitement of being able to come home to each other after hard days. They thumb wrestled and jumped on the bed and kissed and cuddled and loved each other. 

None of these moments ever felt like they were for me or my camera. Each kiss, whisper, and hand hold were just for them. And I just happened to be witnessing it. 

There came a moment when Kelly looked up at me and smiled. She didn't smile because I asked her to, and she certainly wasn't smiling for the camera. She was soaking up these beautiful moments with Adrian and she looked up at me as if she were asking, "Do you see this? Do you see this goodness, too?"

Yes, Kelly. 

I see it.