Introducing albums + memory boxes

Happy new year, dear friends!

The weeks leading up to the end of 2014 were quiet... in a pull-the-ones-you-love-in-close, give-Instagram-a-break, make-another-pot-of-tea kind of way. We were grateful to spend the few days around Christmas with both sides of our extended families and had a blast ringing in the new year with dear friends + lots of Cards Against Humanity. 

But then the new year began with a hard drive crash. 

Brandon walked in to the office one morning to hear his external hard drive making noises only a rusty hampster wheel should make. He quickly realized his expensive, top-of-the-line external hard drive had died. Weeks of video edits for a time-sensitive project were gone. Thankfully, we keep cloud-based back ups of every image and video we've ever shot, so Brandon was up-and-running again pretty quickly. 

But as he brought all of those files back, I kept thinking about how we (and some many others) have trusted our computers with some of the most precious memories of our lives. Our wedding pictures on a disc, vacation photos on social media, priceless photos on our iPhone camera rolls. In fact, we had some dear friends lose every photo they had of their newborn daughter when mom's phone was stolen a few weeks after she was born. 

It's frustrating to lose data, and it's heartbreaking when those files are irreplaceable and so very personal. So, Brandon and I are making a resolution this year to print our images. We want to protect them from hard drive crashes, yes, but we also find so much value in having our images easily accessible. We want to see stacks of photo albums on our shelves and images on the walls throughout our house. We want our guests + our future kids to walk through our home and be able to touch and interact with our story. We want our photos to spark storytelling. "Amanda took those photos on our trip to Italy. Did I tell you that when we came home from that trip, Brandon had to go straight to the ER?"  "See that stack of photobooth pictures on the mantel? We've been taking those every year on the anniversary of our first date."  "We took Instax pictures of everyone that night. Can I take one of us now and add it to the collection?"

And we're so excited to extend this new year's resolution to you. Join us in printing your photos and interacting with them for generations to come.

So, friends, we have a few introductions to make. 

Meet our new photo albums. 

We love these albums so much, we had our own wedding album printed by the same company. They feature a full-bleed dust jacket, fabric wrapped covers, and 50 pages of thick, beautiful Mohawk paper. They're a similar look and feel to high-end coffee table books. 

The paper is luscious (yes, I said luscious), the colors are spot-on, and the binding is perfection. I couldn't be happier with these books.

One more. Meet our new memory boxes. 

When it came to finding memory boxes, we searched high and low for a company that not only provided a quality product, but jived with our values of community, storytelling, and legacy. When we found HH Boogie, we knew we had found our winner. HH Boogie partners with Amish woodworkers in Ohio to create these lovely, handcrafted boxes. (Amanda's own story involves many midwest Anabaptists, so she was tickled to find a personal connection to this company right away.)

We love the way these three boxes emphasize a different aspect of your story. The small boxes, for example, include a stack of 4x6 prints from your session and 3 glass vials to store perfume, sand, dried flowers, or other physical mementos. We love that these boxes make memories a full-sensory experience. At 7 1/2 inches square, they are perfect for stacking on a bookcase or sitting on your coffee table. 

The medium boxes skip the vials and add more space for your fine art prints. The adjustable dividers give you the option to add different sized images, a space for small mementos, or anything else you wish!

 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And then we have these stunners. Our large boxes are 15 inches square and sit almost 5 inches tall, so you'll have lots of room for all kinds of mementos. First off, you'll find your album wrapped inside the leather satchel + and a stack of prints nestled into the folds of the reclaimed fabric. From there, you'll have room to add other treasures, from your cake toper to copies of your vows. I'll in the process of ordering one to collect various memories from our first 5 years of marriage. 

arbr pictures hh boogie

We are so, so, so excited to see our couples + families (past, present, + future) fill them with priceless artifacts of their stories... and then watch as they become family heirlooms in the decades to come.

Want to join us in our resolution to print our photos? Contact us for information on ordering a book or box of your own! 

Thank you to everyone who popped in on Facebook to weigh in on the selection of our boxes! The winner of the half-off hardback photo album is: ABBY N. Congratulations, Abby! We'll email you shortly to start selecting your favorite images! :)