Wedding | Alex + Anna

I keep trying to write up a summary for this wedding... but the truth is, I just can't put this one into words.

These two are so dear to us. We have known Alex for nearly ten years. Anna and Amanda bonded over The Hunger Games and sealed their friendship over bottomless fries and red wine at Red Robin. They had been engaged for less than 24 hours when Anna called us about wedding photography and we immediately said yes. 

Their December wedding was both simple and extravagant. When I think back on the day, I'm struck by how abundantly clear it is that these two were made for each other. They are strength in each other's weakness... joy in each other's sorrows. I'm also struck by the amazing community they had around them. This incredible bunch of family and friends who were not only hilarious, but through word and deed revealed to these two the depths of their love and support.

Thank you, Alex + Anna. We love you, so. From the bottom of our hearts.