Anand + Blair

When we meet with our couples, there are some things we never think to ask about. (Wedding shoe designers, for one.) We're far more interested in how you met, hearing stories about your families, and why you're planning the kind of wedding you are. Although we do talk about many of the what's of your wedding day, we're far more interested in the why's.

And as our fourth wedding season begins to wind down, we're recognizing more and more this truth: The story is in the why's. If we ever lose sight of our couple's and their why's, our blog will look like a stylized shoot from a magazine. It will focus on the props of the day instead of the people in it. We may still have beautiful images, but they'll be flat. 

Don't get us wrong. Shoes are lovely. You'll find a shot of Blair's beautiful shoes below. But the real story can't be found in those details.

Anand and Blair's story is found in brown paper packages and the way Blair's mom cried when she put on her dress. Their story led them to choose a venue that shares their love of food and value for relationships. It is found in the moment Anand received a gift that his mom has been saving since she was pregnant with him. It is found in dancing to Red Red Wine at the end of the night with the people who have watched your relationship grow for 14 years.