David + Sarah | A Ballard Engagement

For the last few months, my desktop background has been a simple white-on-black message: Personal. Specific. Honest. Moving. Authentic. It's been a motto for both my art and my life this last year... to live authentically and create authentic, honest images for my couples + families.

Brandon and I had a conversation last night about how living vulnerably is terrifying... but also so terribly rewarding. The act of peeling away layers, baring your soul to someone else (heck, sometimes just baring your soul to yourself) is enough to make us all run and hide. But when you do live vulnerably, the rewards far outweigh the pain. 

That desire to live vulnerably also extends to my art. Creating personal, specific, honest images means the location matters. The interactions matter. The clothes matter. The details matter. And when that happens, our couples + families see their images and see their true selves. And the rest of us feel a bit like intruders, because the image feels far too intimate and overpowering for us to witness.

David + Sarah are getting married in May. As I talk with them about their wedding plans, I'm seeing that they've stripped away every tradition that doesn't ring true to them and are creating a wedding celebration that is personal + specific to their story. Their engagement session was no different. They grabbed their rain jackets, went for a slow walk through some of their favorite neighborhood spots, and huddled close against a crazy February wind. And the result feels honest and raw and beautiful.