David + Sarah

I had someone ask me once if I had a "type of wedding" that I enjoy photographing. Without thinking twice, I said it's less about the type of wedding and more about the type of couple. I'm drawn to couples who focus on celebrating their community, who throw traditions out the window if they don't represent "them", and who value the importance of honest image-making on their wedding day.

Over the years, our couples have crafted unique wedding days packed with personality and meaning. Backyard weddings with your closest family and friends. Serving brunch or offering swing dancing lessons at your reception. Swapping unity sand for a unity sandwich. Walking down the aisle to the Imperial March

For David and Sarah, it meant they tossed out formal first looks, traditional wedding dresses, and classic ceremony music. Instead, their day was fused with the things they love the most: their community, their favorite choral music, line dancing, and llamas. 

Yes. Llamas.