Dreamers & Doers

Two and a half years ago, we stumbled into the world of wedding and portrait photography. We were self-taught in our crafts, each had full-time positions in very different fields, and hadn’t so much as run a lemonade stand. 

And yet, we’ve watched with equal parts excitement and shock as our business has grown exponentially since that first wedding in the spring of 2012. 

But perhaps one of the most amazing parts of this journey has been meeting other small business owners. Photographers and videographers, yes, but also brewers and Etsy shop owners and painters and therapists and bakers. Some who have finally launched their businesses after years of study and preparation, some who carefully balance their craft and their "day jobs" and some who have set aside their degrees to finally pursue their craft. There have even been a handful of folks who have said to us, “I watched you guys launch ARBR. And it gave me the courage to start my business.”

arbr pictures small business call

We've been bouncing this dream around in our brains for the last few months, and since this week is National Small Business Week it seems like now is a perfect time to finally do it. We're starting a new photography series called Dreamers & Doers aimed at telling the stories of small business owners in the Seattle area. We'd love to meet with anyone and everyone doing their own thing, whether they've just applied for their business license or have owned a brick and mortar for 35 years. We'll come out and take some pictures of them doing their thing—in their home office or at the shop or anywhere in between—and share that story with the world. 

Because no matter where you are in this journey, you've got to be a little bit crazy, really damn brave, and a whole lotta persistent to make your dreams come true. And that deserves a celebration.  

Tell us in the comments below (or send us an email!) if you know someone who is running a small business. We'd love to meet them.