Randy + Laura

A few years ago, Brandon and I tossed out our hourly wedding packages and began offering only all-day, start-to-finish coverage. We did it for two big reasons: we wanted to capture the unplanned moments of a wedding day, and we wanted our couples not to stress about time and money. 

And while we've never once regretted that decision, Randy and Laura's backyard wedding renewed our unabashed love for all day wedding coverage. 

If we had just shown up for hair and make up, we would have missed capturing their quiet morning eating Spudnuts and drinking coffee around the kitchen table. We would have been too rushed to catch the family cat walking all over the reception tables while the boys assembled the dance floor. We would have missed out on long, lovely conversations with their families. Perhaps Randy and Laura would have decided against three hours of unscheduled time after bridal party photos, instead feeling pressured to "maximize time" on their day. It would have broken our hearts to leave in the middle of the best damn dance party we've ever seen. 

Instead, we were able to capture so many beautiful, hilarious, and intimate moments of their wedding day - from lingering kisses to shotgunned beers in the driveway - and we feel especially honored we were there to capture it all... from start to finish.