Extravagant Dinner no. 2

Holy smokes, we did it again! 

For our second dinner, our chefs approached the menu a little differently. Rather than creating the menu ahead of time, they took to the farmer's market in the morning, armed with a list of possible recipes, and created the menu around the freshness of the market.

So in perfect Seattle summer fashion, we feasted on vegetable tartlettswatermelon saladcreamy pasta with roasted chickenroasted cumin lime carrots, and the best grilled peaches with homemade cinnamon coconut sorbet with an almond crumble. If you don't believe me, just keep scrolling. You'll see just how good it was. 

(The recipes were used as starting points, in some cases. So we can't vouch for these exact recipes, but it will get you started!) 

Oh, and did I mention we had someone compose music specifically for the night?

Adam created our musical playlist at the last dinner, but this time went above and built a software program that, as he described, "would improvise music that has never been heard before and will never be heard again." It was the perfect addition to our already amazing evening.

Check out his music, and the heartfelt toast of the evening, in the video below: