Extravagant Dinner no. 3

It seems only right to recognize the numbers that went into Extravagant Dinner No. 3

20 guests + 1 newborn baby
75 pounds of apples
1 batch of homemade blueberry vodka
45 degrees outside
4 chefs
12 pumpkins
2 strings of lights
1 solo aria + 1 custom painting
4 meal courses
1 transformed carport

And yet. 

The numbers can't totally capture this night.  

The numbers can't warm your hands like the cups of tea we drank while we hung the strings of lights that morning. The numbers can't capture Katie and Becky's excitement as they watched their vision for that carport come to life. The numbers can't capture the sound of awe from the chefs as they returned from the grocery store and found the carport transformed. The numbers can't arrange themselves into the taste of freshly pressed apple cider or the smell of freshly baked crusty bread. The numbers cannot possibly recreate the energy of 20 strangers and friends who were working hard to create this evening, and yet were finding joy and fun and community in that hard work. There's no way those numbers could tell you how damn good the food was. 

And while we're at it, the photos probably can't either.

But we'll try.

Special thanks to: 

Brandon, Jessica, Anna, + Evy for dreaming up and executing a killer menu. I'm still dreaming about that appetizer spread. And Maple Bourbon Apple Crumbles? With bourbon whipped cream? I die. 

Jon for gathering a spread of delicious fall beers, Zach + Caitlin for a thoughtful and delicious assortment of wines paired for each course of our menu, Alex for his homemade blueberry vodka, and Stefan for another smashing custom cocktail.

Katie, Becky, + Janelle for transforming a simple carport into a warm, intimate, cozy dining room for 20. From pumpkins to feathers to apples, you three thought of everything. Watch out for these ladies, Martha. 

Amanda + Stephen for capturing the memories of the evening in photo and video. 

Charlotte, for coordinating one killer evening at her family home. And to Jack, her dad, allowing us to use his beautifully restored cider press. 

Melissa for bringing her blank canvas and paints to capture the beauty of this gathering. 

Owen for being willing to help with anything and everything from "move this heavy object" to "we need more cider!" 

Adam + Sydney for spreading the word about Extravagant Dinners, and for passing around your amazing daughter so we could all kiss her. 

David's artful toast + Evy's stunning aria that bookend-ed our night with whimsy. 

This dinner would have been completely different without you. Thank you for bringing yourselves to our table.