Marc + Anna

Last month, Marc and Anna got married. It's true. It's a fact. 

Yet, for them—for everyone, really—getting married is far more than a simple fact. While weddings are about declaring your future commitment to each other, they are also a time to celebrate the commitments that have already been made—all of the late night talks, tearful fights, and shared dreams that bring you to this day, the "first day of the rest of your life," as some might say.

A wedding isn't just a beginning. It's a deeper promise made to continue life together. It's a promise to keep building, growing, loving, and exploring together. Frankly, it's a pretty awesome celebration, especially one to witness—and one to capture, for that matter.

Marc and Anna, it was a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day, when you started your marriage and vowed to continue life together. Thank you for letting us add photos to that chapter of your story.

Venue: Hollywood Schoolhouse
Hair and Makeup: Gene Juarez
DJ: STC Productions