Proposal | Owen + Diana

Occasionally, I'll meet a couple that stops me in my tracks. 

They'll be two brave, vulnerable, grace-filled souls that use their talents and passions to do good, to serve, to bring peace and justice. Individually, their impact has been felt by people and communities. 

And then these two people meet each other. They fall in love. They decide to get married. 

Together, they encourage and champion each other... stumble together and ask for grace and stumble again... they refine and uplift each other... Their talents and passions find new energy as they work side by side. 

And it makes me stop and realize that this marriage will change us all. That the impact of their shared work will ripple out and leave this world changed... more whole.

Owen and Diana are one of these couples.  

So when Owen reached out to see if I could sneakily photograph his proposal to Diana, I immediately said yes.