Clayton Family | Adoption Day

This year, we've watched nearly a dozen couples make promises to each other and start a new family. 

But this story is a little different. 

This is the story of a family of six making promises to each other and becoming - legally - the family they've been for years. 

After a long journey through foster care, the Clayton family was finally celebrating the adoption of their two youngest boys.

Moments before I walked into the courthouse, I got a text message. "We're right by the elevators. You can't miss us. For better or worse!" 

And sure enough, I had barely made it through security when I saw - and heard! - a crowd by the elevators. There were at least 30 adults and children laughing, hugging, and running around the lobby of the courthouse. And each and every one of them had gathered to celebrate alongside the Claytons. 

We were in for a little surprise when we realized the group was so big that we wouldn't fit into the courtroom without breaking fire code. But the judge graciously offered a larger courtroom and soon everyone was able to witness this sweet family becoming an official family of six! 

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