Zeke is home!

When Molly was a kid, she dreamed of international adoption. 

As an adult, she met Justin and discovered that he shared this vision.

They got married and started jobs and lost jobs and moved across the country and their desire for growing their family by adoption never faded. Last year, they started that journey, waiting and hoping and praying for their child in China. 

In December, they brought Zeke home. In the months since then, this park has become an extension of home. Together, they've come every day to wander over the bridge, feed the ducks (when Zeke doesn't eat all the bread), and watch for airplanes and trucks. 

I love these images because in them I can hear Molly's laugh and Justin's silly noises and Zeke's toddler babbles. These three are a joy. May these photos be a taste of that joy. 


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