Congratulations on your adoption!

What is a Red Thread Session?
As a member of the Red Thread Sessions family, we're proud to offer complimentary photography sessions for adoptive families in the greater Seattle area! 

We offer three types of Red Thread Sessions:

  1. a family portrait session within the first 3 months of your finalized adoption
  2. a homecoming session where we meet you at Sea-Tac airport upon your arrival home to capture the first moments with your family
  3. a birth photography session to capture the birth of the adoptive child in an open adoption

How do I qualify for a Red Thread Session?
If you have added to your family through adoption within the last 3 months, you qualify for a Red Thread Session! Your adoption must have been final within the last 3 months. You may be asked to show proof of your adoption date given the charitable nature of a Red Thread Session. Each family qualifies for only one Red Thread Session per adoption and must sign a Red Thread Session model release.

How do I schedule my Red Thread Session?
Please contact us to discuss scheduling details. It is important to contact us as soon as possible, preferably before your adoption is final, to allow for as much scheduling time as possible. If we are unavailable during your timeframe, you may contact another local Red Thread Sessions photographer.

For additional information, please contact us or see the Red Thread Sessions Frequently Asked Questions page.

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